Elika monolith intelligent and event management system service

Smart-making under-web system and exhibition integrated management

Practical designing

Applicational designing this system has been designed based on successful international patterns , during 6 years .it granting considered requirements from executive who have designed exhibition in iran or in other countries.the system's compounds have been conducted successfully in more than 40 exhibition.

The core powerful

Powerful core elika's management event and making enteligent integrated system is website which has widespread powerful core ,that it's internal component have been coordinated and developed regularly .it's development is updating with latest software technology.


Customization Considering that the core and all components of this system have been developed by the best Iranian experts, it is possible to customize the exhibition as easily and in the shortest possible time as possible to being synchronize with the various needs of the exhibition centers as well as the respectable exhibition executors.

About system

Elika monolith intelligent and event management system service

Integrated Intelligence and Event Management System of Elika is an advanced and specialized system for planning, organizing, managing and controlling of exhibitions and non-exhibition events, as well as their sub-events, specially designed to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, create an integrated discipline in the holding as well as increase satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors has been designed and manufactured within six years.


Integrated registration system for exhibitors

All stages of registration of exhibitors from the initial pre-registration stage, entry of exhibitor information, confirmation of book and mobile information of exhibition, initial locating, approval of locating, payment, issuance of the exhibitor's card, issuance of integrated and electronic parking cards in integrated exhibitors’ registeration system of Andishe hamrahe elika company is possible

Integrated Visitor registration System

Before the start of the event, visitors can get through the website of the host (computer) as well as the mobile software guide of the visitors of the exhibition (mobile phone) to record their information in the integrated system of enrolling exhibitors and receive tracking code. Also, those who have not been already enrolled can be register at the time of entry to the exhibition.

Integrated QR codes System of booths

In the Elika Intelligence System, all booths are equipped with a code QR tag, which has implication for the mobile software guide for visitors to the exhibition. Visitors can receive the expected company's information and find their location at the exhibition level by scanning this code.

Mobile Application Guide for Visitors and Exhibitors

Mobile Application Guide for Visitors and Exhibitors provides a wide range of facilities including participants list, exhibit plan and halls plan, GPS, scanning QR of Visitors and exhibitors, exhibitor news, visitors’ registration, entrance to panel of exhibitors to visitors and exhibitors.

The integrated QR system for visitors

At the time of the arrival of each visitor to the exhibition, a special card for visitor is provided to the visitor with QR code, which is unique to each visitor and is defined in the integrated system of the Elika exhibition. When visiting the exhibition, each exhibitor instead of having to submit various forms for registering the information of their booth to visitors, it is enough to scan the QR code of expected person using the mobile software assistant of his promoter, so that the information system Give them the perfect information of that person.

Participants’ profiling

One of the most important needs of holding a fair exhibition with world standards is the proper documentation and an overview of all the events and also the venue of the exhibition. For the better and more magnificent holding of the exhibition in future periods, these documents have a great impact on the re-election of exhibitors to participate in exhibitions of upcoming courses.

° 360 panoramic virtual exhibition

The 360° virtual exhibition system of Elika allows for the accurate shooting of the 360 ° panoramic photographic technique throughout the exhibition area, and in the form of a software system, along with other information of participants will be able to record and preserve the real space of the exhibition forever and provide it all-year-round for enthusiasts and virtual visitors.

Integrated Management System for Exhibit Servicese

More than 25 headings of the main services required for exhibitors such as booth-making, equipment rental, manpower, customs clearance, transportation and loading-unloading, Internet, formalities, printing and advertising, tourist and tourism and exchange in the exhibition system of Elika is foreseen.

Exhibitors registration levels

Initial preregistration In this system each real person or juridical person just only once register their informations (written data or pictures of registration documents),could easily receive their username and password. With the recorded data they can register in any exhibitions which are held in exhibition center .as a result they don't need to fill application forms repetitively.

Upon requesting participation in an exhibition by the contributor and initial confirmation by the organizer, it is time to provide complementary information. At this stage, the exhibitor will enter as many parts of his information as he needs, if necessary, the information provided in the exhibition book, mobile application guide of exhibition visitors and the integrated system of virtual exhibition of the exhibition will be used.

After the final confirmation of the applicant’s information by the organizer of the exhibition, the initial locating stage is now active for him/her. Using the facilities of the system, the applicant of the booth can view and select his/her expected pavilions or booths in the determined halls and submit it for confirmation to the organizer of the exhibition.

If necessary, the host organizer can provide various forms of legal form, such as a foreign currency obligation letter or booth-making obligation letter form…, etc. for participants and they will also be required to complete and upload the required legal forms at this stage.

After confirming the initial placement of the booth by the organizer of the exhibition, now the invoice of cost of renting the booth has been issued electronically. The booth applicant has 72 hours to make an online payment or deposit to the account of executor and submit an image of his deposit or currency information through the registration system to the executor.

Services are provided to all participants. These services include power of booth, tables and chairs, booth partitioning, carpeting and...

This type of service is carried out upon the request of the participant and according to his taste, which includes the demand for booth-making, devices rental, manpower, internet, printing and advertising, and ...

After confirmation of payment by the organizer of the exhibition, the stage of the exhibitor card has now been activated. At this stage, the exhibitor must enter the information of the person or persons present in the booth as the exhibitor and submit it to the executor for issuing the exhibitor's card.

At this stage, the exhibitor, in case of using exhibitor parking, should enter the information of expected cars in the system and send it to the exhibitor for the issuance of a parking card. At the end of this step, all stages of the exhibition services will be activated for the exhibitor.

At this stage, the booth applicant must wait for the final confirmation of his information by the executor of the exhibition.

Visitors registration levels

Before the start of the event, visitors can proceed to register their information in integrated system of visitors’ registeration and receives tracking code.

Visitors can using the Mobile software of exhibition visitors (cell phone) proceed to register their information in integrated system of visitor’s registeration and receive tracking code.

Those who have not already registered are able to be register at the time of entry to the exhibition and receive their information’s QR.

On entering each visitor to exhibition, a card special for visitor with QR Code is delivered to them which is unique for each visitor and has been defined in exhibition integrated system of Elika. On visiting the exhibition, it is enough to scan the QR code of expected person using mobile application of exhibitor assistant rather than giving various software for registering information for them such that system provide complete information for them.

Exclusivites of exhibiton's integrated intelligence

Using integrated and specialized system for planning exhibition
Creating integrated disciplinary in exhibition holding
Lowering the cost of execution
Integrated management and control of exhibition in system
Increasing the satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors
Increasing productivity and preventing from time wasting
Creative design fit to client’s taste

Program pictures

Comment of clients

Dr esfahbodi

Managing director of Iran International Exhibition Co. (Stock Corporation)

Mr. Ali Esfandiari
Managing Director of Andisheh Hamrah Elika
Thank you for your valuable and honest efforts to establish the pavilion of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Milan Expo, 2015. I wish from God’s almighty your longstanding of dignity and continuity of this magnanimous presence in pursuit of the great and prestigious goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Hossein esfahbodi

Mr maghare

NPC Public Relations Officer and Director of International Exhibition of Iran Plast

Mr. Ali Esfandiari
Honorable Managing Director of Andisheh Hamrah Elika Co. Greeting, Besides best regards for you and your company for successful implementation of the unique project of registration of visitors at the Exhibition of Iran Plast and the accurate registration of 27 thousand visitors from the mentioned exhibition, I'm very grateful for : - Responsible and consistent pursuit of you and your colleagues in the implementation of the project. - Provide up-to-date and efficient mobile exhibition software for the exhibition. - Accompaniment in the pre-registration of the next period of the exhibition of Iran Plast. - Provide optimal software and hardware for registered visitors. - and, finally, for the innovative suggestions for smart progressing of the project. Cooperation with your staff was valuable and effective for me and the National Petrochemical Company.
Mohamad maghare

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